Priyanku Hazarika

Hi there, I’m Priyanku Hazarika! A computer science undergrad and tech enthusiast. I’m passionate about coding and technology, and I’ve been working with various startups to build exciting applications for the past few years. My expertise lies in using Python, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, Vue.js, AWS, Databases like MySql, Postgres, Oracle, MongoDB etc. and also new technologies like OCPP(Open Charge Point Protocol)!

In addition to exploring about technology, I also have a creative side, and I enjoy sketching portraits, cooking, and painting during my free time. I’m always exploring new technologies and ideas, and I find blockchain, distributed ledger technologies, DevOps, and electric vehicles to be particularly fascinating.

I’m a good team player and love collaborating with people from different backgrounds and perspectives. I’m always ready to take on new challenges and explore future proof technologies.

Overall, I’m enthusiastic about learning, growing, and contributing to the world through my work in technology and beyond.

Wanna get in touch with me? Just shoot out a mail to or connect me on linkedin at, or maybe we can meet over a cup of tea (“chai”)!